GoTrustID Moves Beyond USB with New Badge-Shaped Security Key

GoTrustID has released a new FIDO-certified security key with a unique badge form factor that was designed as an alternative to the more conventional USB option. The new Idem Card has Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, and is roughly the same size and shape as a standard credit card.

The Idem Card can be used for physical and digital access control. Employees can swipe it at the door to gain entry to the building, or at their desk to log into their workstation. Like other FIDO2 products, the card can also be used to log into apps like Dropbox, Facebook, Google, and Twitter without needing to enter a password. The Idem Card is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices in addition to Chromebooks and Windows and Mac workstations.

GoTrustID was one of several companies with a product that received FIDO2 certification at the tail end of 2019 – GoTrustID has since confirmed said product is the Idem Card. The company previously released an innovative login system that turns a smartphone into a second-factor security key in its own right, and partnered with Acer to preload a passwordless authentication solution on new computers that shipped in December of 2018.

The GoTrust Idem Key is still available for those who prefer a more traditional USB device.  

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About GoTrustID Inc.

GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is the pioneer company providing passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform by employee’s everyday items: phone, a USB Key, or their smart badge. Our mission is to make simple & secure login anywhere and anytime. With every authenticator and server certified by FIDO, GoTrust Authentication Platform makes every employee become their own ID having effortless login to their computer, corporate systems, and cloud services. GoTrustID has twenty-four international patents granted including six US patents.