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State & Local Government

GoTrust ID is a passwordless and secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution designed for state and local governments. It enhances cybersecurity by protecting key areas such as Windows Server logins, desktop domain access, VPN & VDI connections, network security, and Microsoft 365 access. With GoTrust ID, government agencies can safeguard their critical data and infrastructure from unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring a secure and zero trust compliant protection.


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Secure Passwordless Login and Phone Authenticator Alternative for Government Agencies

Idem Key provides a simple passwordless login capability for state and local government employees using Windows 10/11 under Azure AD. Unlike Microsoft Authenticator, which is limited to authenticate Azure cloud services, Idem Key extends passwordless access from Windows 10/11 to all services connected to Azure, including Microsoft 365. This makes it an ideal choice for government personnel like police officers and firefighters who prefer not to use Microsoft Authenticator or any

third-party MFA app on their phones. Additionally, Idem Key’s compatibility with Duo further enhances its versatility, offering a comprehensive security solution that simplifies access while maintaining high security standards across government digital infrastructure.