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GoTrust ID

Introducing GoTrust ID, your ultimate shield for on-premises and hybrid environments. This state-of-the-art passwordless Zero Trust Authentication (ZTA) solution is meticulously crafted to secure your Microsoft ecosystem comprehensively. GoTrust ID ensures seamless protection for every user and any application.

Hybrid Applications We can Safeguard

Services on Window Server


Windows 10/11 & Mac

SSO Login integrated by


3rd party applications & cloud services connected by

Network Security

Passwordless Protection Meets Seamless Integration

With NIST-compliant credentials, it stands as a bastion of security, offering a unified solution that not only fortifies your on-premises infrastructure but also extends its protective embrace to many third-party applications including cloud services through multiple adapters, ensuring seamless integration.

Three pillars of GoTrust ID

End Point
software/USB Key

GoTrust ID Server

Array Access Gateway (recommended)

Embrace Future of Zero Trust Protection

Step into the future of security with our passwordless zero trust authentication. Eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure only verified access with a single click. Fortify your digital assets, safeguard data, and empower your team with our cutting-edge, seamless protection. Go passwordless with Zero Trust.