One-Stop MFA for All Corporate Needs

GoTrust ID is engineered for corporations utilizing either 100% on-premises applications or a modern hybrid cloud environment. Offering a versatile solution for comprehensive security, GoTrust ID is your go-to for:

Versatile Application Protection

Secure access to on-premises Windows Servers, desktop logins (Windows and MacBook), VPN, VDI, network security, and email services.

Cloud Service Security

Ensures safe access to Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workplace and many more.

Adaptable Integration

Supports multiple adapters like LDAP, SAML2, Radius, and OIDC for quick MFA enablement on most 3rd party applications.

Secure Web Applications

Easily integrate Multi-Factor Authentication into IIS-hosted web applications (ex: OWA) by our IIS Adapter, enhancing security with 2FA.

Custom Application Compatibility

Offers SDKs in C# and Java for straightforward integration with your custom corporate applications.

Zero Trust Compliance

Achieve NIST-compliant Zero Trust Protection swiftly and cost-effectively with GoTrust ID.

Choose GoTrust ID for a secure, compliant, and efficient corporate security solution.

The Premier Choice for High-Assurance Corporate Authentication

Idem Key stands as the pinnacle of secure authentication solutions in the market, offering unmatched protection for corporate environments. It is the authenticator of choice for businesses seeking the highest level of security assurance for their employees’ logins.

Renowned for its robust authentication capabilities, Idem Key is the trusted authenticator for high-assurance needs in Austria and the Czech Republic’s national eID programs, six leading banks in Taiwan, and over 100 school districts throughout the United States. Opt for Idem Key to ensure the ultimate protection for your corporate logins.