K-12 Education

Empowering Education with Advanced Security and Affordable Cost.

1. Cloud-First Learning Environments

In today’s cloud-centric educational landscape, GoTrust’s Idem Key offers a seamless and instant MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) solution, perfect for schools fully embracing cloud services. With Idem Key, passwordless login becomes a reality, allowing educators and students to access Windows desktops and Azure AD without the need for Microsoft Authenticator or any third-party software installation on personal phone.

MFA for Google, Microsoft 365, Azure AD, across all user devices.

2. Hybrid Learning Environments

For K-12 institutions balancing between on-premises AD and cloud services, GoTrust ID offers a comprehensive solution. Designed to safeguard on-premises applications like Windows Server, RDS, email, VPN, VDI, RDP and windows domain login, as well as cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace, GoTrust ID ensures total protection. Whether utilizing a user’s phone or the Idem Key, GoTrust ID seamlessly integrates into any educational environment, offering a unified security solution that bridges the gap between traditional and modern learning tools.

Yes, No Need
Personal Phone for MFA !

Idem Key is plug-n-play and supports a wide range of essential school cloud services including Azure, Microsoft 365, Google Workplace, and Duo. It’s compatible across all user devices from Windows and MacBook to Chromebook, iPhone, and Android.

Why Choose GoTrust for K-12 Education?


Offers plug-and-play passwordless solution to reduce effort of IT staffs.

Comprehensive Coverage

Secures both cloud-based and on-premises resources, ensuring a safe learning environment.


We understand that school district budgets are limited but can’t compromise on cybersecurity. Our competitive pricing meets top-tier security, offering great value for your investment.

Superior warranty

Idem Key offers a warranty far exceeding its competitors.

By choosing GoTrust, K-12 school districts can have a superior Zero Trust protection under limited budget. We ensure that students and educators stay focused on what matters most—learning and teaching.