GoTrustID Inc. is now a Microsoft approved FIDO Security Key vendor.

In a web posting by Microsoft titled ‘Passwordless authentication for Azure Active Directory’, GoTrustID Inc is listed as a FIDO2 security key provider that is known to provide a Windows 10 compatible passwordless experience with their IDEM Key.

GoTrustID IDEM Security Key.

This USB enabled Security Key is also NFC compatible and works as an integrated solution with all FIDO services. While there are many keys that are FIDO2 certified by the FIDO Alliance, Microsoft requires some extensions of the FIDO2 Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) specification to be implemented by the vendor to ensure maximum security and the best experience. Approved security keys must implement the following features and extensions to the FIDO2 CTAP protocol to be Microsoft-compatible:

  • Resident key feature; that enables the security key to be portable, with your credential stored on the security key.
  • Client pin feature; that enables you to protect your credentials with a second factor and applies to security keys that do not have a user interface.
  • Hmac- secret extension; that ensures you can sign in to your device when it’s off-line or in airplane mode.
  • Multiple accounts feature; that ensures you can use the same security key across multiple services like Microsoft Account and Azure Active Directory.

The GoTrustID IDEM Security Key satisfies all these requirements and more. In addition to integrating with Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 the Plus Key version of this two-factor authentication tool seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure and the FIDO2 WebAuth API is used to bridge PKI Signing without any middleware. This is a unique patent pending GoTrustID implementation.

GoTrustID Other Security Solutions.

In addition to the IDEM Security Key GoTrustID also offers a Phone Authenticator Solution and a Smart Badge Authenticator Solution.

Phone Authenticator Solution.

GoTrust ID has developed a unique phone authenticator solution that is compatible with FIDO, Apple, and Windows devices. Offering 100% passwordless login on Microsoft Windows 10 and Azure, the system manages user identities via 100% biometric verification using their phones.

Smart Badge Authenticator

The IDEM smart card badge enables passwordless login using a two-tier authentication method. This solution can be implemented on any device that supports Windows PC, Chromebook, Android phone (NFC) iPhone (NFC) and iOS 13 & above. Compatible with all FIDO services such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, and many more, users have the option to authenticate, anywhere, anytime without the worries of having total network access.

About GoTrustID Inc.

GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is the pioneer company providing passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform by employee’s everyday items: phone, a USB Key, or their smart badge. Our mission is to make simple & secure login anywhere and anytime. With every authenticator and server certified by FIDO, GoTrust Authentication Platform makes every employee become their own ID having effortless login to their computer, corporate systems, and cloud services. GoTrustID has twenty-four international patents granted including six US patents.