Why GoTrust

GoTrust is at the forefront of passwordless and zero trust security, offering a unique software
and USB Key solution tailored for hybrid cloud environments.

Key Advantages

Innovative Authentication

Eliminate passwords with our pioneering zero trust approach, enhancing security and user convenience.

Broad Protection

Our solution secures a range of Microsoft on-premise applications, including servers, emails, desktop logins, and VPNs. GoTrust protects your digital environment from unauthorized access

Hybrid Cloud Expertise

Our solution is optimized for hybrid environments, blending on-premise security with cloud flexibility.


Competitive pricing meets top-tier security, offering great value for your investment.

Full Control

Own your server with our solution, ensuring complete control over your data with no cloud dependency.

Secure, Simplify, and Save with GoTrust

Choose GoTrust for a future-proof security solution that blends innovation, comprehensive coverage, and unmatched control at a competitive price.