Asus X507 Notebook with GO-Trust ID Allows Phone Logins

CES 2018 – GOTrust Technology announced the Asus X507 notebook will have a “passwordless” phone login to Windows 10. This is accomplished with the company’s GOTrust ID application. Certified by Microsoft, this technology has users authenticate to their phones first. They’re automatically logged into the Asus X507 as they get within close proximity. The phone can be set up to require fingerprint authentication as an additional security measure.


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About GoTrustID Inc.

GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is the pioneer company providing passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform by employee’s everyday items: phone, a USB Key, or their smart badge. Our mission is to make simple & secure login anywhere and anytime. With every authenticator and server certified by FIDO, GoTrust Authentication Platform makes every employee become their own ID having effortless login to their computer, corporate systems, and cloud services. GoTrustID has twenty-four international patents granted including six US patents.