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GoTrustID Inc was launched in 2018 with backing from the Alibaba Group and other prominent institutional investors. Prior to that, company founder Darren Lee spent a decade specializing in the development of secure mobile technology as the CEO of GoTrust Technology Inc.

During this time, Darren invented the secure microSD, the first portable and customer-owned security element for mobile devices. In 2008, he was awarded one of the most prestigious digital security awards on the planet – the Sesames Award in Paris.

GoTrust Technology Inc. was ultimately merged with GoTrustID.
Based in Southern California, Mr. Lee is an inventor of 24 international patents related to secure microSD, mobile security, and authentication mechanisms.
With GoTrustID, he has led the development of a password-free multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform dedicated to the protection of employees’ daily login credentials (or logins instead of login credentials). Employees use their phone, USB Key, or badge to unify every login in the organization via a single password-free MFA.

Our Team

  • To ensure that our partners obtain the best MFA solutions possible, Darren and the GoTrust operations team collaborate with respected corporate and business advisors with decades of high-level IT and cybersecurity experience.
  • Board members and corporate advisors include FIDO Alliance co-founder and CEO of Digital Trust Network Inc. Ramesh Kesanupalli, and Tushar Dave, the CEO of FarmX Inc, former V.P of Broadcom, and a strategic development expert.
  • Industry-recognized cybersecurity expert Sami Nassar provides business advice for the American market.


Darren Lee

Founder and CEO

Darren Lee is the CEO of GoTrustID Inc. and recognized as a ‘game-changer’ in mobile security by Federal Security Magazine. GoTrustID was created in 2018 by absorbing the technology and resources of GoTrust Technology Inc., a company founded Darren in 2008 and developed by him to grow into a world leader in add-on technology for secure mobile communications.

At the formation of the company, he invented the secure microSD which was the first portable and customer-owned security element for mobile devices. Today, secure microSD is widely used in many top-secret projects by multiple governments around the world. During his tenure at GoTrust Technology Darren was responsible for 24 International patents related to hardware and mobile security and in 2008 won the most prestigious Sesames digital security award, in Paris. Even at university Darren specialized in cryptography and security and had a research paper published by Computers & Security Journal. After university and prior to founding his own company, Darren worked as a Security Software Engineer at a specialist US federal government security contractor. Darren lives with his family in Southern California.


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