Idem Key – USB/NFC Security Key

Discover what the first USB/NFC Security Key granted FIDO2 Security Level 2 can do for you.

Access Cutting-Edge FIDO USB Security and NFC Capability Today

Microsoft Azure AD Approved

Take advantage of Microsoft’s Passwordless MFA advocacy and enjoy easy access to Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Windows 10/11, and more.

Multiple User Devices

If your organization relies on multiple different devices and operating systems, you’re in luck: Idem Key can be used with Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android phone, and iOS 13.3 & above.

Compatible with all FIDO services​

As the first USB/NFC Security Key granted FIDO2 security level 2, the Idem Key supports the world’s top FIDO services including Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, and more.

Passwordless Computer Log-In

The Idem Key enables fast and secure Password-Free computer log-in capabilities on Windows 10/11 and MacOS with GoTrust ID deployed. In addition, Idem Key supports plug-n-play Windows 10/11 logons if the desktop device is configured to connect to Azure AD.

How Idem Key Works

With multiple options for authentication, Passwordless MFA has never been easier. Check out the tutorial videos to learn more.

Authenticate via Computer

Setting up two-factor authentication on a computer can be done easily through the security settings of any supported service.

Authenticate via Mobile/NFC

To authenticate via mobile, simply tap the Idem Key against the NFC-enabled phone. This can be done with Android or iOS 13.3 and above.

Premium-quality IP 68 waterproof design

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with the software. Idem Key was produced with premium-quality high-hardness materials and sealing design – it’s IP 68 waterproof and dustproof rated.


FIDO2 Security Level 2

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified secure element

Microsoft Azure AD approved