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GoTrust ID – Phone Authenticator

Deploy unified, password-free MFA across your organization today.

Looking for a smarter way to support Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication throughout the entire ranks of your organization? Successful implementation requires more than just authenticators – you need to set up a secure, end-to-end infrastructure that includes an MFA server and APPs for all devices that require system access.

GoTrust ID puts everything you need right at your fingertips. This comprehensive password-free MFA system gives your users a unified authentication interface, with a server and APPs designed to support all the protocols required for the multiplicity of on-premises enterprise applications and public cloud services your organization relies on in your daily operations. GoTrust ID can also be configured to support a 2-step log-in process.

Organizations across the globe are turning to GoTrust ID for their unified, password-free MFA solution – discover what our market-leading technology can do for your team today.

How It works

GoTrust ID helps organizations achieve seamless integration with a hybrid of on-premise and cloud applications

including Desktop and Windows Server login under Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange server, SSO, ERP, VPN, Office 365, Google Workplace, and more. It can also be used with your custom in-house applications.
The authenticator connects to hybrid applications via Radius, SAML, Microsoft ADFS, or RestFul API. The Restful API deployment option is for custom-built systems, including online banking, ERP, workflow, and SSO.

Need to work remotely from anywhere?

GoTrust ID is the market’s only current solution providing offline access to computers using BLE. The platform can also use the GoTrust Idem Key as an alternative authenticator. The server, software, and USB Key are all FIDO certified.

Unlike other options in the MFA space, we have taken extra steps to make our solution as easy to use as possible – in addition to state-of-the-art software, we also design and develop authentication hardware around everyday workplace items, giving you access to a truly seamless, unified experience.

With GoTrust ID, your phone becomes a US-patented authenticator with FIDO2 certified Passwordless technology.
Ready to take your MFA game to the next level?
Get rid of passwords and complex log-in requirements with GoTrust ID today.