GoTrust ID Use Cases

Ready to take your MFA log-ins to the next level?

One Unified Solution. Dozens of New Possibilities.

Unified MFA

Looking for a fast, easy, and comprehensive partner for all of your organization’s FIDO-certified authentication requirements? GoTrust ID combines state-of-the-art, password-free MFA software with practical, user-friendly hardware to give you access from user desktops, Windows servers, on-premise applications, and cloud services with a faster, smarter end-to-end solution.

Use the GoTrust ID phone authenticator, Idem Key USB Security Key, middleware-free PKI, Idem Key Plus, and Idem Card smart badge to create a password-free, unified solution for your team today.

Password-Free Log-In

Tired of dealing with multiple passwords and log-in credentials throughout your organization? You aren’t alone – across the globe, businesses are looking for seamless MFA log-in methods that provide password-free security.

GoTrust’s portfolio of innovative, password-free software and hardware devices are FIDO-certified and US patented to protect daily login from Desktop, Windows Server, network applications to the cloud services without any of the headaches associated with passwords.

Cloud Authentication

If your organization relies on cloud applications as part of your daily operations, then GoTrust’s security-oriented, enterprise-grade Cloud authentication capabilities can enable passwordless and plug-n-play authentication in seconds.

Idem Key, our market-highest security level (L2) FIDO2 Key, can be used to securely access AWS, Azure AD, Bank of America, Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Office 365, Salesforce, Twitter and many other FIDO enabled cloud services without using ID and passwords.

VPN and custom APP MFA

The GoTrust ID platform is compatible with many leading technologies and existing platforms, but it can also be used to provide enhanced security, authentication, and access control for your custom apps and legacy system via FIDO-certified mobile SDKs and server APIs.

Passwordless login for everything connected to Azure AD

Microsoft is one of the most important advocates for passwordless access in the tech sector. Today, users can easily have passwordless login to every application, including Windows 10/11 computers if they are connected to Azure AD by a FIDO 2 Security Key approved by Microsoft Azure AD. GoTrust’s Idem Key and Idem Card are both Azure AD-approved passwordless authenticators with plug-n-play functionality for every Windows 10/11 desktop, iPhone, and Android phone.