Your Identity Badge is also your Passwordless FIDO Security Key.

One proximity card for physical and digital access on any user device.

GoTrustID Inc (GoTrust) is the first company to offer a Security Key in a badge form factor – the Idem Card is the alternative to the USB Security Key to login to the most popular cloud applications including AWS, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, GitHub, Microsoft, Salesforce, or Twitter accounts without any driver or browser extension. The Idem Card has Bluetooth (BLE), NFC and smart card interface connections between your smart badge and your iPhone or iPad; an excellent no plug or cable alternative to the USB-C or Lightning FIDO Key. The revolutionary and US patented Idem Card is the same size and thinness of a credit card with globally recognized FIDO2 certification to maximize protection of your credentials. It can work with any user device like Android phone, Windows PC, Chromebook in addition to iPhone and Mac. It also delivers physical access to your building, unlocks your PC and has PKI functionality supporting PIV cards. For people who still like a USB Security Key that have no batteries, the water and tamper resistant GoTrust Idem Key has USB & NFC capability for iOS 13, Android and all PCs FIDO authentications; it also has FIDO2 certification and supports PKI functions. Both Security Keys are available on Amazon today.

GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is the pioneer company providing passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform by employee’s everyday items: phone, a USB Key, or their smart badge. Our mission is to make simple & secure login anywhere and anytime. With every authenticator and server certified by FIDO, GoTrust Authentication Platform makes every employee become their own ID having effortless login to their computer, corporate systems, and cloud services. GoTrustID has twenty-four international patents granted including six US patents.