GoTrust Idem Key is the only listed FIDO2 Security Key for ID Austria

ID Austria requires level of high assurance to login all services

Irvine, California, November 18th 2022 – Today GoTrustID Inc. announced that GoTrust Idem Key with FIDO2 Security Level 2 certification is the only FIDO2 Security Key that can be used by ID Austria (reference link: The Key supports a wide range of applications from public services to commercial applications. Today, more than 3 million Austrian citizens utilize ID Austria in their daily life, using either a smartphone with a built-in secure element or the GoTrust Idem Key to login.

ID Austria requires all logins must meet the level of high assurance defined by European Union eIDAS regulation. To achieve this high assurance level, USB security keys must be certified to FIDO2 Security Level 2 or higher. GoTrust Idem Key is the only FIDO2 L2 certified USB/NFC security key in the market that works with iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows and Mac computers.

For ID Austria users who do not want to or are not permitted to use personal phones for work purposes, now have the Idem Key as the best option to maintain their personal privacy.

GoTrust Idem Key has been proven to meet the high assurance requirements of EU eIDAS. It is also the only waterproof USB Security Key with IP68 rated. Prior to being offered by ID Austria, GoTrust Idem Key was offered by MojeID service in the Czech Republic starting in 2021.

About ID Austria

ID Austria is the electronic proof of citizenship recently launched by the Austrian government. With ID Austria, citizens can enjoy direct and highly secure access to digital services for government and businesses. It complies with the highest security and data protection standards and enables the secure signing of digital documents. ID Austria can also be used throughout the European Union starting in 2023.

About GoTrustID Inc.

GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is the pioneer company providing passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform by employee’s everyday items: phone, a USB Key, or their smart badge. Our mission is to make simple & secure login anywhere and anytime. With every authenticator and server certified by FIDO, GoTrust Authentication Platform makes every employee become their own ID having effortless login to their computer, corporate systems, and cloud services. GoTrustID has twenty-four international patents granted including six US patents.